DNA test for freshmen

Here's a link to the NY Times article.

A DNA sample as a "unifying experience for freshman"? Riiiggght....Rather than assigning incoming students to read a particular book the University of California, Berkeley has decided to distribute cotton swabs and collect DNA samples from all new freshmen - well, it's voluntary so students don't have to participate if they don't want to - to analyze for genes coding for the metabolism of three things: alcohol, lactose and folates. While this may be an interesting point of discussion among the freshmen and does give us all a look at where medicine is likely headed in the future, if the school is attempting to unify students and get them to "lead healthier lives by drinking less, avoiding dairy products, or eating more leafy greens" as the article suggests I highly doubt they will be successful.....

College is all about freedom and trying new things; what freshman is going to cut back on the chicken fritters and fries or drink less alcohol simply because of the results of a DNA test? On second thought, maybe it will successfully replace the old unifying book-reading experience: "Dude! I have the alcohol gene!" "Haha awesome. Wanna go to the bars?" "Yeah let's see who gets more wasted tonight!"


Art That Was Once Alive

In a strange mix of taxidermy and art these pieces represent a unique compilation of modern creations. I particularly like the skull made out of cockroach pieces - I know, sounds really gross - but the end result is strangely beautiful (below). It's also nice to see an anatomically correct skull in modern art.....take a look at the other pieces here: Art That Was Once Alive

"The Impossibility of Storage for the Soul I (Self-Portrait)"
Fabian Pena