Sleeping and Light Therapy

A few days ago the New York Times published an interesting article about the enormous effects a simple thing like light can have on our Circadian rhythms. I've already been aware of studies that link light with depression - or our "night owl" tendencies with the fact that we have so much artificial light in our modern lives that we are tricking our bodies into not knowing when it is nighttime - but this is the first I'd heard of the effectiveness of light therapy on actually reversing an internal clock and re-establishing an appropriate Circadian rhythm. Like magic! It seems such a commonsense natural solution, it's a wonder we didn't come up with it before....especially with how popular "organic" and "natural" living has become (although I realize its not exactly the same argument). Personally, I would much rather get a "natural" prescription for light than one for some unknown, artificially manufactured medication! (See link below)

Sleeping (or Not) by the Wrong Clock

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