Back in the saddle

Yesterday I went riding for the first time in a week and a half. I actually can't believe it's only been that long, it feels like so much longer. It was only me and Agnes (who was working in the office at the time) so I was free to ride the horses on my own for a few hours and I can honestly say that after only 5 minutes I could feel myself relaxing and feeling much happier. It's amazing what a horse can do :)

On a different note one of the mares, a big black thoroughbred, sliced her hind leg open right above the hoof while in turnout earlier in the day so the vet had to come out and stitch her up while I was there. Now, I would never hope that a horse would get hurt and require vet care, but when it does happen - which, let's admit, happens fairly often since for such big animals they are awfully delicate and accident prone - I am fascinated being there and watching everything.

Once again, I was amazed at how quickly a few cc's of anesthetic can drop a 1300-lb animal; within a minute Ginny was swaying on her feet and had to be supported. I then watched as the vet performed a nerve block and proceeded to wash, shave, wash, shave some more, rinse, poke around (luckily, despite all the blood and chunky tissue, the damage didn't reach the joint) and finally suture up the wound before wrapping it up with gauze and lavender oil (supposedly great for promoting healing, minimizing scars and keeping deep as well as superficial tissues clean and healthy). It made me think that maybe I should go to vet school after all. I'd love to learn all of this stuff and be able to actually get my hands dirty and help. Besides, if I knew how to do it myself I wouldn't have to fork over $500 every time my future horses play a little too rough in the field :)

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